Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123.04

Chapter 53


Retail license; rights of licensee; sampling; removal of unsealed bottle of wine; conditions.

(1) A retail license shall allow the licensee to sell and offer for sale at retail either in the original package or otherwise, as prescribed in the retail license, on the premises specified in the retail license or the entertainment district license or on the premises where catering is occurring, alcoholic liquor or beer for use or consumption but not for resale in any form except as provided in section 53-175.

(2) Nothing in the Nebraska Liquor Control Act shall prohibit a holder of a Class D license from allowing the sampling of tax-paid wine for consumption on the premises by such licensee or his or her employees in cooperation with a licensed wholesaler in the manner prescribed by the commission.

(3)(a) A restaurant holding a license to sell alcoholic liquor at retail for consumption on the licensed premises may permit a customer to remove one unsealed bottle of wine for consumption off the premises if the customer has purchased a full-course meal and consumed a portion of the bottle of wine with such full-course meal on the licensed premises. The licensee or his or her agent shall (i) securely reseal such bottle and place the bottle in a bag designed so that it is visibly apparent that the resealed bottle of wine has not been opened or tampered with and (ii) provide a dated receipt to the customer and attach to such bag a copy of the dated receipt for the resealed bottle of wine and the full-course meal.

(b) If the resealed bottle of wine is transported in a motor vehicle, it must be placed in the trunk of the motor vehicle or the area behind the last upright seat of such motor vehicle if the area is not normally occupied by the driver or a passenger and the motor vehicle is not equipped with a trunk.

(c) For purposes of this subsection, full-course meal means a diversified selection of food which is ordinarily consumed with the use of tableware and cannot conveniently be consumed while standing or walking.