Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123.05

Chapter 53


Railroad or airline license; rights of licensee.

(1) The commission may issue a license to any airline company, dining car company, sleeping car company, or railroad company operating in this state which authorizes the holder thereof to keep for sale and to sell or dispense alcoholic liquor for consumption in its airplanes, dining cars, sleeping cars, buffet cars, observation cars, and any other cars used for transportation or accommodation of passengers. Each such company shall keep a duplicate of such license posted in each car or airplane where such alcoholic liquor is served.

(2) Every such license shall expire on April 30 of each year. Each such license shall be good throughout this state as a state license. Only one such license shall be required for all cars or airplanes operated in this state by the same owner. No further license shall be required or tax levied by any county, city, or village for the privilege of selling or dispensing alcoholic liquor for consumption in such cars or airplanes. Nothing in the Nebraska Liquor Control Act shall apply to or affect the right of holders of such licenses to transport within this state or to import into this state alcoholic liquor to be kept for dispensing or sale or to be sold while actually en route in the cars or airplanes of such licensees.


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