Nebraska Revised Statute 49-617

Chapter 49


Printing of statutes; distribution of copies.

The Revisor of Statutes shall cause the statutes to be printed. The printer shall deliver all completed copies to the Supreme Court. These copies shall be held and disposed of by the court as follows: Sixty copies to the State Library to exchange for statutes of other states; five copies to the State Library to keep for daily use; not to exceed twenty-five copies to the Legislative Council for bill drafting and related services to the Legislature and executive state officers; as many copies to the Attorney General as he or she has attorneys on his or her staff; as many copies to the Commission on Public Advocacy as it has attorneys on its staff; up to sixteen copies to the State Court Administrator; thirteen copies to the Tax Commissioner; eight copies to the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse; six copies to the Public Service Commission; four copies to the Secretary of State; three copies to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission; four copies to the Clerk of the Legislature for use in his or her office and three copies to be maintained in the legislative chamber, one copy on each side of the chamber and one copy at the desk of the Clerk of the Legislature, under control of the sergeant at arms; three copies to the Department of Health and Human Services; two copies each to the Governor of the state, the Chief Justice and each judge of the Supreme Court, each judge of the Court of Appeals, the Clerk of the Supreme Court, the Reporter of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the Commissioner of Labor, the Auditor of Public Accounts, and the Revisor of Statutes; one copy each to the Secretary of State of the United States, each Indian tribal court located in the State of Nebraska, the library of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Adjutant General, the Air National Guard, the Commissioner of Education, the State Treasurer, the Board of Educational Lands and Funds, the Director of Agriculture, the Director of Administrative Services, the Director of Economic Development, the director of the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems, the Director-State Engineer, the Director of Banking and Finance, the Director of Insurance, the Director of Motor Vehicles, the Director of Veterans' Affairs, the Director of Natural Resources, the Director of Correctional Services, the Nebraska Emergency Operating Center, each judge of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, each commissioner of the Commission of Industrial Relations, the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, the State Real Estate Commission, the secretary of the Game and Parks Commission, the Board of Pardons, each state institution under the Department of Health and Human Services, each state institution under the State Department of Education, the State Surveyor, the Nebraska State Patrol, the materiel division of the Department of Administrative Services, the personnel division of the Department of Administrative Services, the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board, the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, each of the Nebraska state colleges, each district judge of the State of Nebraska, each judge of the county court, each judge of a separate juvenile court, the Lieutenant Governor, each United States Senator from Nebraska, each United States Representative from Nebraska, each clerk of the district court for the use of the district court, the clerk of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, each clerk of the county court, each county attorney, each county public defender, each county law library, and the inmate library at all state penal and correctional institutions, and each member of the Legislature shall be entitled to two complete sets, and two complete sets of such volumes as are necessary to update previously issued volumes, but each member of the Legislature and each judge of any court referred to in this section shall be entitled, on request, to an additional complete set. Copies of the statutes distributed without charge, as listed in this section, shall be the property of the state or governmental subdivision of the state and not the personal property of the particular person receiving a copy. Distribution of statutes to the library of the College of Law of the University of Nebraska shall be as provided in sections 85-176 and 85-177.