Nebraska Revised Statute 85-176

Chapter 85


College of Law; state publications; number furnished free.

The following publications of the State of Nebraska shall, as they are from time to time issued, be delivered by the respective officer having custody thereof to the library of the College of Law of the University of Nebraska:

(1) The opinions of the Nebraska Supreme Court and Court of Appeals in either print or electronic format, or both, as determined by the Supreme Court;

(2) Five copies of the Opinions of the Attorney General, five copies of the Blue Book, and two copies each of the reports and recommendations of the Judicial Council and of the reports and recommendations of the Legislative Council;

(3) Copies of the session laws and the journal of the Legislature as provided in section 49-506;

(4) One copy each of the annual and biennial reports of the state officers who are required by law to make an annual or biennial report; and

(5) Statutes issued by the Supreme Court shall be requisitioned by the librarian of the College of Law, allowing ten copies for the library of the College of Law, five copies for the Legal Aid Bureau and the editors and staff of the Nebraska Law Review, one copy each for every full-time member of the law faculty, and no more than fifteen copies for the university libraries, nonlaw faculty, and administrative officers of the university combined.


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