Nebraska Revised Statute 85-177

Chapter 85


College of Law; state publications; additional copies; requisition.

In order to enable the library of the College of Law to augment its collections, the librarian of the College of Law of the University of Nebraska is authorized to requisition from the respective officer having custody thereof up to one hundred copies of the following state publications: Nebraska Reports, Nebraska Appellate Reports, Legislative Journals, Session Laws, replacement volumes and supplements to the Revised Statutes, and Opinions of the Attorney General. The copies of the Legislative Journals and Session Laws may be provided in print or electronic format as the Secretary of State determines, upon recommendation by the Clerk of the Legislature and approval of the Executive Board of the Legislative Council. The opinions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals may be provided in either print or electronic format, or both, as determined by the Supreme Court.


Cross References

  • For other provisions for distribution of publications to College of Law, see sections 24-209, 49-506, and 49-617.