Nebraska Revised Statute 46-295

Chapter 46


Legislative findings.

The Legislature recognizes that, as a result of water project operations, surface water in some areas of the state has been, is, and will be in the future intentionally and incidentally stored in and withdrawn from underground strata. The Legislature acknowledges that rights to water intentionally or incidentally stored underground and rights to withdrawal of such water should be formally recognized and quantified and recognizes the propriety of all beneficiaries proportionately sharing, to the extent of potential benefit from intentional underground water storage, in the financial obligations necessary for construction, operation, and maintenance of water projects which cause intentional underground water storage.

The Legislature finds that uses of water for incidental and intentional underground water storage are beneficial uses of water which contribute to the recharge of Nebraska's aquifers and that comprehensive, conjunctive management of surface water and intentional or incidental underground water storage is essential for the continued economic prosperity and well-being of the state, serves the public interest by providing an element of certainty essential for investment in water resources development, and will improve Nebraska's standing in the event of interstate dispute.

To facilitate optimum beneficial use of water by the people of Nebraska, the Legislature recognizes the need for authorizing the recognition of incidental underground water storage, for authorizing intentional underground water storage, and for authorizing the levying and collection of fees and assessments on persons who withdraw or otherwise use or benefit from intentional underground water storage as provided in sections 46-299 to 46-2,106.

Nothing in sections 46-202, 46-226.01, 46-226.02, 46-233, 46-240, 46-241, 46-242, 46-295 to 46-2,106, 46-544, and 46-712 shall be construed to alter existing statutes regarding the relationship between naturally occurring surface and ground water.