Nebraska Revised Statute 46-299

Chapter 46


Permittee; authorized to levy a fee or assessment; limitation.

Any person who has obtained a permit for intentional underground water storage and recovery of such water pursuant to section 46-233, 46-240, 46-241, 46-242, or 46-297 may, subject to section 46-2,101, levy a fee or assessment against any person for the right or probable right to withdraw or otherwise use such stored water. Such fee or assessment may be levied against any land in connection with which such underground water storage has occurred or probably will occur, and may be varied based on the degree to which underground water storage has occurred or will occur. No fee or assessment shall represent more than the fair market value of such recharge, except that a fee or assessment may include a sum sufficient to amortize the operation, maintenance, repair, and capital costs of the project, apportioned on the degree to which recharge has occurred or is likely to occur, and on the degree to which any surface water is delivered.