Nebraska Revised Statute 19-5306

Chapter 19


Authority; powers; city; power.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, an authority shall have the following powers:

(a) To adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business;

(b) To sue and be sued in its own name and plead and be impleaded in all civil actions;

(c) To procure insurance or guarantees from the state or federal government of the payments of any debts or parts thereof incurred by the authority and to pay premiums in connection therewith;

(d) To invest money of the authority in instruments, obligations, securities, or property determined proper by the authority and name and use depositories for its money;

(e) To enter into contracts and other instruments necessary, incidental, or convenient to the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers, including, but not limited to, agreements under the Interlocal Cooperation Act for the joint exercise of powers under the Riverfront Development District Act;

(f) To create and implement plans for improvements and redevelopment within the boundaries of the district in conjunction with the city or other public or private entities;

(g) To develop, manage, and coordinate public activities and events taking place within the boundaries of the district;

(h) To acquire, construct, maintain, and operate public offstreet parking facilities for the benefit of the district;

(i) To improve any public place or facility within the boundaries of the district, including landscaping, physical improvements for decoration or security purposes, and plantings;

(j) To construct or install pedestrian shopping malls or plazas, sidewalks or moving sidewalks, parks, meeting and display facilities, bus stop shelters, lighting, benches or other seating furniture, sculptures, trash receptacles, shelters, fountains, skywalks, pedestrian and vehicular overpasses and underpasses, and any other useful or necessary public improvements within the boundaries of the district;

(k) To construct, install, and maintain boardwalks, barges, docks, and wharves;

(l) To lease, acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair parking lots or parking garages, both above and below ground, or other facilities for the parking of vehicles within the boundaries of the district;

(m) To maintain, repair, and reconstruct any improvements or facilities authorized in the Riverfront Development District Act;

(n) To enforce parking regulations and the provision of security within the boundaries of the district;

(o) To employ such agents and employees, permanent or temporary, as necessary;

(p) To fix, charge, and collect fees and charges for services provided by the authority;

(q) To fix, charge, and collect rents and leasehold payments for the use of real property of the authority;

(r) To grant or acquire a license, easement, lease, as lessor or as lessee, or option with respect to real property of the authority;

(s) To make recommendations to the city as to the use of any occupation tax funds collected under section 19-5312 or any special assessment funds collected under section 19-5313;

(t) To administer the use of occupation tax funds or special assessment funds if directed by the mayor and city council; and

(u) To do all other things necessary or convenient to achieve the objectives and purposes of the authority.

(2) The city creating an authority may, by ordinance, limit the powers that may be exercised by such authority.

Cross References

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act, see section 13-801.