Nebraska Revised Statute 19-5305

Chapter 19


Riverfront development authority; members; officers; vacancy; meetings; powers.

(1) Following the creation of a district under section 19-5304, the mayor, with the approval of the city council, shall appoint a riverfront development authority to oversee and manage the district. The authority shall consist of five or more members who collectively shall have skills, expertise, and knowledge in residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate development, financing, law, asset management, economic and community development, and tourism promotion.

(2) The members of the authority shall select annually from among themselves a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a treasurer, and such other officers as the authority may determine.

(3) A public official or public employee shall be eligible to be a member of the authority.

(4) A vacancy on the authority shall be filled not later than six months after the date of such vacancy in the same manner as the original appointment.

(5) Members of the authority shall serve without compensation.

(6) The authority shall meet in regular session according to a schedule adopted by the authority and shall also meet in special session as convened by the chairperson or upon written notice signed by a majority of the members.

(7) Two or more cities which have a contiguous riverfront along the same river may enter into an agreement pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act to create a single authority to jointly oversee and manage the districts created in such cities. An agreement entered into under this subsection shall contain the information required by section 19-5304.

(8) An authority which oversees and manages a district bordering another state may enter into an agreement pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act with a political subdivision, public agency, or quasi-public agency in such other state to jointly oversee and manage the district and any similar district or districts in such other state.

(9) Each authority created pursuant to the Riverfront Development District Act shall be deemed to be a public corporation acting in a governmental capacity and a political subdivision of the state and shall have permanent and perpetual duration until terminated and dissolved in accordance with section 19-5317.

Cross References

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act, see section 13-801.