Nebraska Revised Statute 18-412.10

Chapter 18


Electric facilities outside state; joint acquisition and maintenance; conditions.

If a city or village proposes to, and during such time as such city and village shall, plan, finance, acquire, construct, own, operate, maintain, improve, and decommission jointly and in cooperation with others as contemplated by sections 18-412.07 to 18-412.10 facilities for the generation or transmission of electric power and energy located or to be located outside this state, such city or village may comply with all laws of the United States and of the state in which the facilities are or are to be located applicable to such facilities or applicable to any of such activities or applicable to the performance of any of such activities across state boundaries or in such state, including submitting itself to any governmental body, board, commission, or agency having jurisdiction over such facilities or over any of such activities or over the performance of such activities and applying for and carrying out of all licenses, certificates, or other approvals required by such laws in order to enable the city or village to carry out the provisions of sections 18-412.07 to 18-412.10.