Nebraska Revised Statute 18-413

Chapter 18 Section 413


Waterworks; right-of-way outside corporate limits; purposes; conditions.

Any city or village in this state erecting, constructing or maintaining a system of waterworks, or part of a system of waterworks, without its corporate limits, is hereby granted the right-of-way along any of the public roads of the state, the streets and alleys of any village or city within the state, and over and through any of the lands which are the property of the state, for the laying, constructing, and maintaining of water mains, conduits, and aqueducts for the purpose of transporting or conveying water from such system of waterworks, or part of such system of waterworks, to such city or village erecting the same. Such city or village is hereby granted such right-of-way for the further purpose of erecting and maintaining all necessary poles and wires, or conduits, for the purpose of transporting, transmitting or conveying electric current from such city or village to such system of waterworks, or part of such system of waterworks, for power and light purposes; Provided, however, that such city in constructing such water mains, conduits, and aqueducts for transporting water, and such poles, wires, and conduits for transmitting electric current along the streets or alleys of any other village, as aforesaid, shall construct and locate the same in accordance with existing ordinances of such other village or city pertaining thereto, and shall be liable for any damage caused thereby; provided further, that poles and wires shall be constructed so as not to interfere with the use of the public roadway, and said wires shall be placed at a height not less than twenty feet above all road crossings.


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