Nebraska Revised Statute 18-412.07

Chapter 18


Electric facilities; joint exercise of powers with public power districts and public agencies; authority.

The Legislature finds and declares that it is in the public interest of the State of Nebraska that cities and villages of this state be empowered to participate jointly or in cooperation with public power districts and public power and irrigation districts and other public agencies in the establishment and operation of facilities for the generation or transmission of electric power and energy located within or outside this state in order to achieve economies and efficiencies in meeting the future electric energy needs of the people of the State of Nebraska. In furtherance of such need and in addition to but not in substitution for any other powers granted cities and villages of this state, each city and village which owns or operates electrical facilities shall have and may exercise its power and authority to plan, finance, acquire, construct, own, operate, maintain, improve, and decommission electric generation or transmission facilities located within or outside this state jointly and in cooperation with one or more such public power districts, public power and irrigation districts, other cities or villages of this state which own or operate electrical facilities, municipal corporations, or other governmental entities of other states which operate electrical facilities. The powers granted under this section may be exercised with respect to any electric generation or transmission facility jointly with the powers granted under any other provision of sections 18-412.07 to 18-412.09 and 70-628.02 to 70-628.04.