Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1741.01

Chapter 18


Handicapped parking infraction, defined; citation issuance; enforcement on state property.

(1) For purposes of sections 18-1741.01 to 18-1741.07, handicapped parking infraction means the violation of any statute or ordinance regulating (a) the use of parking spaces, including access aisles, designated for use by handicapped or disabled persons, (b) the unauthorized possession, use, or display of handicapped or disabled parking permits, or (c) the obstruction of any wheelchair ramps constructed or created in accordance and in conformity with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as the act existed on May 31, 2001.

(2) For any offense classified as a handicapped parking infraction, a handicapped parking citation may be issued by any peace officer or by any person designated by ordinance or resolution approved by a governing board of a county, city, or village to exercise the authority to issue a citation for any handicapped parking infraction. Such authorization shall be carried out in the manner specified in sections 18-1741.03 and 18-1741.04.

(3) A state agency as defined in section 18-1737 which owns, leases, controls, or manages state property on which public parking is allowed may enter into an agreement with the governing board of the county, city, or village in which the state property or any portion of it is located to allow the political subdivision to enforce sections 18-1736 to 18-1741.07 on such state property.


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