Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1741.03

Chapter 18


Handicapped parking infraction; citation form; Supreme Court; powers.

To ensure uniformity, the Supreme Court may prescribe the form of the handicapped parking citation to be used for handicapped parking infractions. The handicapped parking citation shall include a description of the handicapped parking infraction, the time and place at which the person cited is to appear, a warning that failure to appear in accordance with the command of the citation is a punishable offense, and such other matter as the Supreme Court deems appropriate, but shall not include a place for the cited person's social security number. The handicapped parking citation shall provide space for an affidavit by a peace officer certifying that the recipient of the citation is the lawful possessor in his or her own right of a handicapped or disabled parking permit and that the peace officer has personally viewed the permit. The Supreme Court may provide that a copy of the handicapped parking citation constitutes the complaint filed in the trial court.