Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1741.04

Chapter 18


Handicapped parking citation; requirements; procedure; waivers; dismissal; credit card; payment authorized.

When a handicapped parking citation is issued for a handicapped parking infraction, the person issuing the handicapped parking citation shall enter thereon all required information, including the name and address of the cited person or, if not known, the license number and description of the offending motor vehicle, the offense charged, and the time and place the person cited is to appear in court. Unless the person cited requests an earlier date, the time of appearance shall be at least three days after the issuance of the handicapped parking citation. One copy of the handicapped parking citation shall be delivered to the person cited or attached to the offending motor vehicle. At least twenty-four hours before the time set for the appearance of the cited person, either the prosecuting attorney or other person authorized by law to issue a complaint for the particular offense shall issue and file a complaint charging such person with a handicapped parking infraction or such person shall be released from the obligation to appear as specified. A person cited for a handicapped parking violation may waive his or her right to trial. For any handicapped parking citation issued for a handicapped parking infraction by reason of the failure of a vehicle to display a handicapped or disabled parking permit, the complaint shall be dismissed if, within seven business days after the date of issuance of the citation, the person cited files with the court the affidavit provided for in section 18-1741.03, signed by a peace officer certifying that the recipient is the lawful possessor in his or her own right of a handicapped or disabled parking permit and that the peace officer has personally viewed the permit. The Supreme Court may prescribe uniform rules for such waivers. Anyone may use a credit card authorized by the court in which the person is cited as a means of payment of his or her fine and costs.