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84-1501 Public Employees Retirement Board; created; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; vacancy; removal.
84-1502 Board; chairperson; secretary; election; meetings; compensation; expenses.
84-1503 Board; duties; director; duties.
84-1503.01 Repealed. Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 85.
84-1503.02 Board; duties and responsibilities.
84-1503.03 Director; employ personnel; employees; duties.
84-1503.04 Internal auditor; duties and responsibilities.
84-1504 Deferred compensation; treatment; participation; requirements.
84-1505 Deferred compensation; treatment; investment.
84-1506 Deferred compensation; availability and distribution of funds; Deferred Compensation Fund; created.
84-1506.01 Deferred Compensation Expense Fund; created; use; investment.
84-1507 Actuarial reports; statement of actuarial assumptions and methods; actuarial valuations and experience investigations; prepared; actuary; certified by Public Employees Retirement Board.
84-1508 Repealed. Laws 1996, LB 847, § 62.
84-1509 Administrative services agreement; authorized.
84-1510 Administrative services agreement; terms.
84-1511 Board; information and advice regarding retirement; provide sessions; for whom; required information; leave authorized; funding; fee.
84-1511.01 Repealed. Laws 2022, LB700, § 19.
84-1512 Board; access to records; director; duties; employer education program.
84-1513 Board; members; personal liability.
84-1514 Class V Retirement System Payment Processing Fund; created; use; investment; transfers of funds; liability.