84-1510. Administrative services agreement; terms.

The agreement authorized by section 84-1509 shall provide:

(1) That the organization shall make all disbursements under the contract or contracts issued by it, such disbursements to be made in such manner and amounts as directed by the state whether on account of retirement, termination of services, total disability, or death;

(2) That the organization shall include with each disbursement a statement showing the gross payment, any taxes withheld, and the net amount paid and an annual statement of account;

(3) That the organization shall furnish to the board a monthly statement of all disbursements and withholdings as stipulated in the agreement;

(4) Hold-harmless clauses protecting each party thereto from the negligent acts of the other or for any loss or claim against one party resulting from release of incorrect or misleading information furnished by the other party;

(5) For the right of the state, either directly or through independent auditors, to examine and audit the organization's records and accounts relating to disbursements made under the agreement;

(6) Protection to the state against assignment of the agreement or the subletting of work done or services furnished under the agreement;

(7) For termination of the agreement; and

(8) Such other terms as may be agreed upon and which the board determines to be in the best interest of the state and its participating employees.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 411, § 4; Laws 1987, LB 549, § 16; Laws 1994, LB 460, § 5.