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Search for statute range from 77-6801 to 77-6843
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77-6801 Act, how cited.
77-6802 Policy.
77-6803 Definitions, where found.
77-6804 Additional definitions.
77-6805 Base year, defined.
77-6806 Base-year employee, defined.
77-6807 Carryover period, defined.
77-6808 Compensation, defined.
77-6809 Director, defined.
77-6810 Equivalent employees, defined.
77-6811 Investment, defined.
77-6812 Motor vehicle, defined.
77-6813 NAICS, defined.
77-6814 Nebraska statewide average hourly wage for any year, defined.
77-6815 Number of new employees, defined.
77-6816 Performance period, defined.
77-6817 Qualified employee leasing company, defined.
77-6818 Qualified location, defined.
77-6819 Qualified property, defined.
77-6820 Ramp-up period, defined.
77-6821 Related persons, defined.
77-6822 Taxpayer, defined.
77-6823 Wages, defined.
77-6824 Year, defined.
77-6825 Year of application, defined.
77-6826 Qualified employee leasing company; employees; duty.
77-6827 Incentives; application; contents; fee; approval; when; application; deadlines.
77-6828 Agreement; requirements; contents; confidentiality; exceptions; duration of agreement; incentives; use.
77-6829 Qualified locations; base-year employment, compensation, and wage levels; review and certification; effect.
77-6830 Transactions and activities excluded.
77-6831 Tax incentives; amount; conditions; fee; ImagiNE Nebraska Cash Fund; created; use; investment.
77-6832 Income tax credits; use; tax incentive credits; use; refund claims; filing requirements; audit; director; Tax Commissioner; powers and duties; appeal.
77-6833 Incentives; recapture or disallowance; conditions; procedure.
77-6834 Incentives; transferable; when; effect.
77-6835 Refunds; interest not allowable.
77-6836 Application; valid; when; director; Tax Commissioner; powers and duties.
77-6837 Reports; contents; joint hearing.
77-6838 Rules and regulations.
77-6839 Tax incentives; estimates required; when; exceed base authority; limit on applications.
77-6840 Employment and wage data information; Department of Labor; duty.
77-6841 Workforce training and infrastructure development; revolving loan program; legislative findings; Department of Economic Development; duties; ImagiNE Nebraska Revolving Loan Fund; created; use; investment.
77-6842 Workforce training loan; application; partnering entities; loan approval; factors considered.
77-6843 Infrastructure development loan; application; approval; factors considered.