Introduced Legislation for January 13th, 2022

107th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 7

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Document Introducer Description
LB1011 Speaker Hilgers Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations
LB1012 Speaker Hilgers Provide for funds transfers, create funds, and change and eliminate provisions regarding funds and reimbursement provisions
LB1013 Speaker Hilgers Change provisions relating to the Cash Reserve Fund
LB1014 Speaker Hilgers Appropriate Federal Funds allocated to the State of Nebraska pursuant to the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
LB1015 Speaker Hilgers Adopt the Perkins County Canal Project Act
LB1016 Walz Provide for public-private partnerships and progressive design-build under the Transportation Innovation Act
LB1017 Slama Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Uniform Trust Code
LB1018 McKinney Set a minimum wage for employees of a Class V school district
LB1019 McKinney Require the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a family resource and juvenile assessment center pilot program
LB1020 Brewer Change homestead exemption provisions relating to application requirements for certain veterans
LB1021 Friesen Provide for regulation of certain telecommunications companies by the Public Service Commission
LB1022 Friesen Change provisions relating to fees under the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act
LB1023 Hilgers Adopt the Jobs and Economic Development Initiative Act and the Water Recreation Enhancement Act and change provisions relating to the Statewide Tourism And Recreational Water Access and Resource Sustainability Special Committee of the Legislature
LB1024 Wayne Adopt the Economic Recovery Act, create the Economic Recovery and Incentives Division and Housing Division of the Department of Economic Development, change provisions of the Middle Income Workforce Housing Investment Act, provide for grants, state intent regarding appropriations, and provide for a transfer from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB1025 Wayne Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Economic Development for the North Omaha Recovery Grant Program
LB1026 Cavanaugh, J. Adopt the Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Modification Act
LB1027 Hunt Provide for grants to schools that discontinue use of American Indian mascots
LB1028 Hunt Change provisions of the Wage and Hour Act relating to tipped employees and provide for complaints, prohibited actions, and liquidated damages
LB1029 Hunt Prohibit harassment by certain employers and provide an unlawful employment practice for a covered entity under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act
LB1030 Friesen Exempt all tangible personal property from property tax
LB1031 McCollister Provide requirements on contracts for telecommunications services for jails
LB1032 McDonnell Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development for industrial site development
LB1033 Arch Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Transportation for the Economic Opportunity Program and to the Department of Economic Development for various programs
LB1034 Pahls Provide for designation of progress schools and progress plans and state intent to appropriate federal funds
LB1035 Lathrop Change provisions relating to non-probation-based programs or services
LB1036 Lathrop Provide for problem-solving court referees
LB1037 Arch Require the Department of Administrative Services to contract for an evaluation of the state's procurement practices and change provisions relating to the materiel division of the department
LB1038 Hansen, M. Prohibit a cleaning and damage charge requirement in a rental agreement
LB1039 McDonnell Provide for state reimbursement of certain annual costs under the Firefighter Cancer Benefits Act
LB1040 McDonnell Redefine a term under the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act
LB1041 McDonnell Appropriate federal funds to the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority for loans for development of affordable housing units
LB1042 Bostar Change provisions relating to insurance and rebates