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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB40 Blood Referral Adopt the Riparian and Water Quality Practices Act
LB120 Bostelman Referral Eliminate obsolete provisions relating to a Nebraska Power Review Board study
LB121 Bostelman Referral Repeal the Trail Development Assistance Act
LB217 Hughes General File Change a date for certain scrap tire recycling grants
LB241 Briese Referral Change provisions relating to transfers of water to another state
LB255 Brewer Referral Change eminent domain and renewable energy generation provisions relating to certain power suppliers
LB281 Jacobson Referral Require the Department of Economic Development to provide grants for youth outdoor education camp facilities
LB289 Bostelman General File Provide powers for agencies created under the Municipal Cooperative Financing Act
LB292 Cavanaugh, M. Referral Prohibit the use of eminent domain under the Jobs and Economic Development Initiative Act
LB395 Erdman General File Change the compensation of members of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB396 Erdman Referral Provide for streamflow augmentation projects and retention of water rights
LB397 Erdman Referral Relocate the Game and Parks Commission headquarters to the city of Sidney, Nebraska
LB399 Brewer Referral Change provisions relating to privately developed renewable energy generation facilities and other electric generation facilities
LB400 Brewer Referral Adopt the Nebraska Pheasant Restoration Act
LB425 Bostelman Referral Change provisions relating to the Game and Parks Commission and the Game Law
LB450 Brewer General File Prohibit land disposal of wind turbine blades and their component parts
LB456 Brewer Referral Provide for claims for monetary compensation for damage caused by elk or mountain lions and authorize the control of elk and mountain lion populations
LB556 Brandt Referral Adopt the Capacity Grant Act to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that administer weatherization programs through the low-income home energy assistance program
LB565 Bostelman General File Provide a grant program related to hydrogen hub designations
LB567 Bostelman Referral Change provisions relating to public power and irrigation districts and electric suppliers
LB568 Bostelman Referral Adopt the Nuclear and Hydrogen Development Act
LB599 Armendariz Referral Change provisions relating to recycling under the Environmental Protection Act and the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act and provide for an additional use of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Fund
LB636 Albrecht General File Prohibit political subdivisions from restricting certain energy services
LB656 McDonnell Referral Change provisions relating to the Small Watersheds Flood Control Fund
LB723 Bostelman Referral Adopt the Public Water and Natural Resources Project Contracting Act
LB725 Dungan Referral Change provisions relating to electric companies and electric cooperative corporations
LB726 Dungan Referral Adopt the Nebraska Electric Consumer Right to Transparency and Local Control Act
LB729 McDonnell Referral Change provisions relating to the Jobs and Economic Development Initiative Fund
LB769 Holdcroft General File Authorize use of the Critical Infrastructure Facilities Cash Fund to develop a sewer system