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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB94 Smith Passed Provide for issuance of printed motor vehicle certificate of title for nonresidents as prescribed
LB95 Smith Passed Provide for operation and regulation of electric-powered bicycles
LB96 Smith Indefinitely postponed Eliminate certain taxing authority of learning communities
LB97 Smith Indefinitely postponed Eliminate additional fees for Pearl Harbor and disabled veteran license plates
LB181 Smith Passed Change rotating and flashing light provisions for motor vehicles
LB220 Smith Passed Provide for Nebraska 150 Sesquicentennial license plates and distribute fees
LB220A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB231 Smith Passed Provide for regulation and operation of autocycles
LB319 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to elections conducted by mail
LB357 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change income tax rates and transfer funds from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB399 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide Public Service Commission powers regarding transportation network service
LB400 Smith Passed Change filing requirements for statements of financial interest
LB400A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB429 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide for medical utilization and treatment guidelines under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB469 Smith Passed Provide procedures and reporting requirements relating to a state plan on carbon dioxide emissions, require a strategic state energy plan, and provide requirements for meteorological evaluation towers
LB469A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB535 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide the Public Service Commission with exclusive jurisdiction over depth requirements for underground oil and natural gas pipelines
LB609 Smith Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Bridge Repair Act
LB610 Smith Veto Overridden Change motor fuel excise taxes
LB610A Smith Veto Overridden Appropriation Bill
LB739 Smith Indefinitely postponed Eliminate certain taxing authority of learning communities
LB812 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide a sales tax exemption relating to custom software
LB912 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for presentation of identification for purposes of voting
LB913 Smith Passed Adopt the Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act
LB938 Smith Passed Adopt the 911 Service System Act, change a reporting requirement as prescribed, and transfer funds from the Enhanced Wireless 911 Fund to the 911 Service System Fund
LB938A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB946 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change powers and duties of the chairperson of the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
LB960 Smith Passed Adopt the Transportation Innovation Act and provide transfers from the Cash Reserve Fund
LB960A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB973 Smith Passed Change penalty, permit, and notice provisions relating to electric utility lines, poles, and structures
LB977 Smith Passed Provide state assistance for public transportation, ordinance and resolution powers regarding weight restrictions, Breast Cancer Awareness Plates, electronic processing of commercial drivers' licenses and permits, and operation of implements of husbandry and change specialty license plate provisions, distribution of taxes and fees, use of blue and amber lights, and motor vehicle industry provisions
LB977A Smith Passed Appropriation Bill
LB1003 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change the prepaid wireless surcharge determination under the Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act
LB1003A Smith Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LR317 Smith Referral Interim study to review the Nebraska Rules of the Road and provisions which establish maximum weight limits
LR318 Smith Referral Interim study to conduct a comprehensive study of Nebraska's state and local roads system
LR319 Smith Referral Interim study to examine certain issues under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission
LR519 Smith Referral Interim study to examine whether the One-Call Notification System Act should be updated
LR538 Smith Referral Interim study to examine telecommunication services in Nebraska
LR539 Smith Referral Interim study to undertake a study of the jurisdiction and structure of the Nebraska Public Service Commission
LR613 Smith Extend sympathy to the family of Jerry C. Anderson