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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB34 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Require employment verification of employees by employers and by contractors who want to be awarded a public contract
LB35 Ashford Passed Change legal process regarding limited liability companies, courts, civil and criminal procedure, grants, estates, real estate, adoption, foster care, juveniles, court appointed special advocates, and administrative hearings and change fees
LB35A Ashford Passed Appropriations Bill
LB63A Ashford Passed Appropriations Bill
LB253 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Adopt a new Nebraska Juvenile Code and change child abuse reporting and registry, child relinquishment, and Foster Care Review Act provisions
LB273 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change sheriff's fees and handgun certificate fees
LB332 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to courts
LB333 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Increase and provide for court fees
LB343 Ashford Passed Designate the time a judge's term ends
LB344 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change administration of the Civil Legal Services Program
LB413 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Adopt the College Choice Grant Program Act
LB414 Ashford Passed Change salary and retirement provisions for judges and a fee
LB414A Ashford Passed Appropriations Bill
LB596 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change a legal services fee
LB597 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to collaborative focus schools and programs and magnet schools
LB598 Ashford Passed Change the Nebraska Crime Victim's Reparations Act and authorize a Community Trust to assist with tragedies of violence or natural disaster
LB669A Ashford Indefinitely postponed Appropriations Bill
LB789 Ashford Passed Change grant limits under the Local Civic, Cultural, and Convention Center Financing Act
LB800 Ashford Passed Provide and change methods of early intervention for children at risk and penalties for drug offenses by minors
LB800A Ashford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB923 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to sealing of juvenile criminal justice records
LB929 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Require schools to distribute certain information to parents of children with special hearing needs
LR9 Ashford Congratulate Michael Fryda for being named the 2010 Nebraska Teacher of the Year
LR105 Ashford Congratulate Donald G. Gilpin for his many years of service to Omaha Westside High School
LR109 Ashford Interim study to examine the issue of juvenile overcrowding in youth detention centers
LR138 Ashford Interim study to examine issues under the jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee
LR171 Ashford Create the Sentencing and Recidivism Task Force
LR258 Ashford Congratulate the Omaha Westside High School baseball team for winning the 2009 Class A state championship
LR299CA Ashford Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to provide for no more than three community college areas
LR304 Ashford Commend Creighton Preparatory School for its fundraising efforts to provide assistance to the earthquake victims in Haiti
LR308 Ashford Extend sympathy to the family of Kathleen Munnelly Cavanaugh
LR316 Ashford Congratulate Mike Kemp for being inducted into the Omaha Hockey Hall of Fame
LR381 Ashford Extend appreciation to Ingrid Johnson and all members of the Omaha Rapid Response for their work in Haiti
LR479 Ashford Interim study to review matters under the jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee