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LB146 Kauth Passed Change provisions relating to assessment of improvements on leased lands and methods for giving notice by the Tax Commissioner
LB147 Kauth Passed Change procedures for property tax refunds
LB148 Jacobson Indefinitely postponed Change powers and duties of the State Racing and Gaming Commission related to licensed racetrack enclosures and change dates related to the required market analysis and socioeconomic-impact studies
LB149 Jacobson Indefinitely postponed State intent regarding appropriations and rebasing rates under the medical assistance program
LB150 Dover Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to entertainment districts under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB151 Dover Passed Change provisions relating to the State Real Estate Commission
LB152 Dover Passed Eliminate registration requirements under the Membership Campground Act
LB153 DeBoer Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Extraordinary Increase in Special Education Expenditures Act
LB154 DeBoer Indefinitely postponed Change notice provisions relating to treasurer's tax deeds
LB155 DeBoer Indefinitely postponed Change provisions regarding the applicability of the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act
LB156 DeBoer Indefinitely postponed Change the caseload ratio for the Public Guardian
LB157 DeBoer Passed Provide for appointment of temporary guardians and change provisions relating to attorney's fees, third-party practice, change of name proceedings, enforcement of debts against certain victims, controlled substances schedules, decedents' estates, and crime victims' reparations
LB158 McDonnell Withdrawn Appropriate funds to the Department of Agriculture
LB159 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Fostering Independence Higher Education Grant Act
LB160 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Change contribution rates relating to supplemental retirement plans for certain law enforcement personnel under the County Employees Retirement Act
LB161 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Workplace Privacy Act
LB162 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Prohibit tampering with electronic monitoring devices required by court order or as a condition of parole
LB163 McKinney Indefinitely postponed Provide for various reforms to jails and prisons, provide certain protections for prisoners, prohibit construction or expansion or prisons and jails as prescribed, and provide for oversight of the Department of Correctional Services during an overcrowding emergency by the Judiciary Committee
LB164 McKinney Passed Change provisions relating to the Economic Recovery Act, the Municipal Inland Port Authority Act, the Nebraska Rural Projects Act, grants awarded by the Department of Economic Development, and transfers of funds and investment earnings, provide for a museum at Fort Robinson State Park, and adopt the Child Care Capacity Building and Workforce Act
LB165 von Gillern Indefinitely postponed Include elementary and secondary schools in the Nebraska educational savings plan trust and change tax benefits
LB166 Bostelman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to design-build, construction manager-general contractor, and public-private-partnership proposals under the Transportation Innovation Act
LB167 Slama Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for depositions of certain children
LB168 Bostar Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to sports wagering and distribution of taxes collected from sports wagering on instate collegiate sporting events
LB169 Hunt Indefinitely postponed Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity
LB170 McKinney Indefinitely postponed Redefine blighted area under the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Act
LB171 McKinney Indefinitely postponed Name the Metropolitan Utilities District Act and transfer and change provisions relating to metropolitan utilities districts
LB172 Bostar Indefinitely postponed Adopt updated electrical standards
LB173 Bostar Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the taxation of nonresident income
LB174 Dungan Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the statute of limitations on certain civil actions for sexual assault of a child
LB175 Dungan Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Residential Tenant Clean Slate Act
LB176 Dungan Indefinitely postponed State intent regarding appropriations to the Supreme Court for interpreter services
LB177 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Adopt the My Student, My Choice Act
LB178 Erdman Indefinitely postponed Require display of the national motto in schools
LB179 Fredrickson Indefinitely postponed Prohibit conversion therapy
LB180 Brandt Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Biodiesel Tax Credit Act
LB181 Hansen, B. Indefinitely postponed Provide for filling and refilling prescriptions in certain circumstances
LB182 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for a report by the Supreme Court on eviction proceedings and change requirements for complaints for restitution of premises
LB183 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Allow petitioners to proceed in forma pauperis in change of name proceedings
LB184 Cavanaugh, J. Passed Provide for inadmissibility of statements of juveniles during transfer proceedings
LB185 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Require the Department of Revenue to distribute funds to individuals as prescribed
LB186 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Modification Act
LB187 Cavanaugh, J. Indefinitely postponed Require appointment of counsel for tenants in eviction proceedings in counties containing a city of the metropolitan class or primary class
LB188 Hansen, B. Indefinitely postponed Authorize the Commissioner of Education to issue temporary certificates to teach to veterans as prescribed
LB189 Kauth Indefinitely postponed Change and provide exemptions for natural hair braiding and natural hairstyling
LB190 Brandt Passed Authorize scheduled extension of county bridge project payments
LB191 Halloran Passed Adopt the Critical Infrastructure Utility Worker Protection Act and change provisions relating to the Contractor Registration Act, the Employment Security Law, the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, and the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act
LB192 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Change the definition of household income for homestead exemptions
LB193 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for voting systems under the Election Act
LB194 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Second Amendment Preservation Act
LB195 Halloran Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act
LB196 Bostar Passed Change provisions of the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act and the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement Act
LB197 McDonnell Indefinitely postponed Redefine eligible employees voting in a referendum relating to social security
LB198 McDonnell Passed Change provisions relating to participation in and implementation of public retirement provisions
LB199 Brewer Indefinitely postponed Provide for a driving privilege card for federally authorized aliens
LB200 Lippincott Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Act
LB201 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Provide a high school graduation requirement relating to federal student aid
LB202 Walz Indefinitely postponed Provide for vaccine administration by pharmacy technicians
LB203 Riepe Indefinitely postponed Provide for a release of employee medical records as prescribed under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act
LB204 Riepe Passed Provide for reimbursement for pharmacy dispensing fees under the medical assistance program
LB205 von Gillern Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act
LR15 Holdcroft Adopted Congratulate the Gretna High School football team on being the runner-up in the 2022 state championship game
LR16 Day Adopted Recognize January 9-15, 2023, as Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures Awareness Week