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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB495 Riepe Referral Change provisions relating to developmental disabilities
LB496 Stinner Select File Define and redefine terms under the Community Development Law
LB497 Brewer General File Change references to a federal form relating to veterans
LB498 Brewer Referral Change provisions relating to transfer of homestead exemptions
LB499 Brewer Referral Provide for voluntary registration and duties for the Department of Agriculture under the Nebraska Apiary Act as prescribed
LB500 Brewer Referral Authorize the carrying of concealed handguns by qualified active and retired law enforcement officers
LB501 Brewer Referral Change prohibition on locations where permitholder may carry a concealed weapon
LB502 Brewer Referral Adopt the Permitless Concealed Carry Act
LB503 Brewer Referral Prohibit certain provisions in collective-bargaining agreements
LB504 Brewer Referral Provide for a moratorium on industrial development of wind energy projects and for a task force study as prescribed
LB505 Brewer Referral Adopt the Refugee Resettlement Notification Act
LB506 Albrecht Passed Adopt the Compassion and Care for Medically Challenging Pregnancies Act and provide duties for the State Child and Maternal Death Review Team
LB507 Albrecht Referral Eliminate the Farm Labor Contractors Act
LB508 Hilgers Passed Change population threshold for the county civil service system and change provisions relating to personnel policy boards and boards of county commissioners
LB509 Ebke Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to subpoenas, witness fees, and compulsory process as prescribed
LB510 Ebke Referral Provide a restriction on installment contracts for the purchase of real or personal property by political subdivisions
LB511 Education Committee Referral Change provisions for payment of educational costs for state wards and students in residential settings
LB512 Education Committee Passed Change provisions related to education
LB513 Hilkemann Referral Appropriate funds to provide a base rate increase for certain hospital services as prescribed
LB514 Bolz Referral State intent to appropriate funds for a Justice Reinvestment Initiative Coordinator
LB515 Bolz General File Create the Nebraska Integrated Education and Training Grant Program
LB516 Pansing Brooks General File Change provisions relating to a report on juvenile facilities
LB517 Pansing Brooks Passed Change provisions regarding transfer of property upon death
LB518 Williams Passed Adopt the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act and transfer funds from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
LB519 Hansen Passed Change Employment Security Law provisions relating to employers' experience and reimbursement accounts
LB520 Hansen Referral Require notification when persons prohibited by state or federal law obtain a handgun or concealed carry permit
LB521 Walz Referral Change provisions related to early childhood education in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB522 Walz Referral Change Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund provisions
LB523 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to financial assistance from the Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
LB524 Walz Referral Appropriate funds to supplement financial assistance from the Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
LB525 Morfeld Referral Change distribution provisions related to the Education Innovation Fund
LB526 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to debtor's rights, garnishment, attachment, and other debt collection procedures
LB527 Morfeld Referral Provide for subpoena of records in certain cases
LB528 Harr Referral Change provisions relating to the New Markets Job Growth Investment Act
LB529 Harr Referral Authorize county courts sitting as probate courts in cases of guardianship to authorize abortions in judicial by-pass cases
LB530 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for providing information to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst and provide for withholding appropriations
LB531 Harr Referral Change sales tax collection fees for motor vehicles
LB532 Kolterman Referral Change provisions relating to a military service credit for certain retirement plans as prescribed
LB533 Vargas Indefinitely postponed Require liability insurance for and restrict locations of underground enhanced recovery injection wells and wastewater disposal wells
LB534 Vargas Referral Provide for a housing coordinator within the Department of Health and Human Services
LB535 Hughes Passed Change requirements for instruments and statements filed with the register of deeds
LB536 Hughes Referral Clarify disbursement provisions for natural resources districts
LB537 Hughes Referral Provide for drug screening for applicants and recipients of cash assistance
LB538 Wishart Referral Appropriate funds for Legal Education for Public Service and Rural Practice Loan Repayment Assistance
LB539 Krist Passed Change the Office of Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System Act
LB540 Stinner Referral Provide for a temporary aid adjustment factor in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act
LB541 Quick General File Change provisions of the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act relating to gross proceeds restrictions, special permits, and prize percentages
LB542 Kuehn Referral Provide for liens and recovery of debt incurred under the Medical Assistance Act
LB543 Watermeier Referral Change provisions relating to applications and reporting requirements under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB544 Watermeier Referral Provide for elimination of the office of clerk of the district court as prescribed
LB545 Watermeier Referral Provide for fund transfers relating to the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund
LB546 Watermeier Referral Change the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB547 Watermeier Indefinitely postponed State legislative findings and change provisions relating to eminent domain and review by the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB548 Lindstrom Referral Provide for the consolidation of the Class V school employees' retirement system and the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska
LB549 Lindstrom Indefinitely postponed Eliminate requirement under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act that broker trust accounts be non-interest-bearing
LB550 Lindstrom Referral Change provisions relating to the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool
LB551 Walz Referral Change qualifications for certain real property appraiser credentials
LB552 Walz Referral Provide for the Children's Connection program
LB553 Lowe Referral Provide for a nonelection of coverage under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB554 Smith Referral Provide for a financial transparency web site for schools, school districts, and educational service units
LB555 Smith Referral Change and eliminate provisions of the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB556 Halloran General File Change provisions relating to firearms and create the offenses of use of a facsimile or nonfunctioning firearm to commit a felony and possession of a firearm by a prohibited juvenile offender
LB557 Harr Referral Adopt the Great Opportunities Nebraska Act
LB558 Schumacher Passed Define the term knife for certain provisions of the criminal code
LB559 Schumacher Referral Prohibit the collection of interchange fees on specified taxes and fees relating to electronic payment transactions
LB560 Schumacher Referral Change restrictive housing and inmate discipline provisions
LB561 Schumacher Referral Create the Taxpayer Investment Program
LB562 McCollister General File Require a monthly report from the Department of Correctional Services as prescribed
LB563 McCollister Referral Impose sales tax on certain services and eliminate certain sales tax exemptions
LB564 McCollister Referral Adopt the Nebraska Main Street Fairness Act
LB565 McCollister General File Require the posting of tax incentive information under the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB566 Natural Resources Committee Passed Adopt the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact and change other penalties and fines under the Game Law
LB567 Bolz Referral Change funding for county public assistance offices
LB568 Erdman Referral Change provisions related to temporary teaching certificates
LB569 Friesen Referral Establish the Community College Task Force and sunset community college levies
LB570 Friesen Referral Provide a property tax exemption for all tangible personal property
LB571 Friesen Referral Change state aid for education relating to allocated income tax funds
LB572 Friesen Referral Provide termination dates for the Property Tax Credit Act and the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and change application deadlines under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB573 Friesen Referral Change local competition determinations and rate list filing requirements under the Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act and provide for a nonregulated activity
LB574 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to intimidation by telephone call and provide for intimidation by electronic message
LB575 Kolowski Referral Provide funding for schools offering certain programs and courses as prescribed
LB576 Brewer Referral Limit increases in property tax bills
LB577 Hilgers Referral Create offense of assault on a peace officer, firefighter, or out-of-hospital emergency care provider by ambush
LB578 McDonnell Passed Adopt the Ground Emergency Medical Transport Act
LB579 McDonnell Referral Provide for termination of city occupation taxes subject to a vote and require vote on tax rate changes
LB580 McDonnell Referral Appropriate funds for the Office of Violence Prevention
LB581 McDonnell Referral Require lobbyists to disclose conflicts of interest to principals and provide for cancellation of contracts
LB582 McDonnell Referral Authorize membership in a credit union by geographic boundary
LB583 Kuehn Withdrawn Remove the authority of veterinarians to dispense controlled substances
LB584 Friesen Passed Change provisions relating to mowing of weeds along roads
LB585 Linehan Referral Change provisions relating to dangerous dogs, seizure of animals, and animal control authorities
LB586 Linehan Referral Change requirements for the prescription drug monitoring system
LB587 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to school permits
LB588 Crawford Referral Exempt reflexology from licensure under the Massage Therapy Practice Act
LB589 Crawford General File Provide for depositions of a child victim or child witness
LB590 Crawford Passed Change state building code provisions
LB591 Crawford Referral Provide for enforcement of building codes under the Contractor Registration Act
LB592 Crawford Referral Change the tax incentives available under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB593 Hughes Referral Create the offense of criminal trespass to vehicles
LB594 Groene Referral Require a limited liability company seeking a tax benefit to file an amended certificate of organization
LB595 Groene General File Provide for the use of physical force or physical restraint or removal from a class in response to student behavior
LB596 Groene Select File Require a credential for equine massage practitioner and create the Equine Massage Practitioner Registry under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB597 Groene Indefinitely postponed Provide for application process through county assessor and Tax Commissioner prior to using tax-increment financing
LB598 Groene Referral Require consideration of certain factors by the Commission of Industrial Relations when establishing wage rights
LB599 Groene Referral Exempt certain improvements on land from taxes as prescribed
LB600 Agriculture Committee Passed Change various provisions of the Livestock Brand Act relating to the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB601 Erdman Referral Change distribution of sales and use tax revenue and provide duties for Department of Revenue
LB602 Erdman Referral Change and eliminate provisions relating to the valuation of agricultural land
LB603 Riepe Referral Require a high-deductible plan for state employees' health insurance
LB604 Riepe General File Adopt the Nebraska Right to Shop Act and place duties on insurance carriers
LB605 Riepe Passed Change rate provisions relating to the ICF/DD Reimbursement Protection Fund
LB606 Riepe Referral Adopt the Volunteer Care Act and change provisions governing remedies for injuries or damages
LB607 Kintner Indefinitely postponed Provide a homestead exemption for certain first responders
LB608 Linehan Referral Adopt the Parental Choice Scholarship Program
LB609 Linehan Referral Provide fee schedules under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB610 Kolowski Referral Adopt the Community Solar Energy Economic Development Act
LB611 Stinner Select File Require state agencies to provide a federal funding inventory
LB612 Wayne Referral Require direct access to 911 emergency service from certain telephone systems using Internet protocol-enabled services
LB613 Wayne Referral Change provisions relating to property tax exemptions under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act
LB614 Wayne Passed Eliminate a restriction relating to appropriations under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act
LB615 Wayne Referral Provide for expungement of criminal history record information in cases of arrests based upon mistaken identity
LB616 Wayne Referral Adopt the Startup Nebraska Program Act and provide an exemption from income, sales, and use taxes
LB617 Wayne Referral Adopt the Industrial Hemp Act
LB618 Wayne Passed Change provisions relating to the use of the Transportation Network Company Regulation Cash Fund
LB619 Wayne Referral Permit certain counties to conduct elections by mail
LB620 Wayne Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
LB621 Wayne Referral Appropriate funds to the Public Service Commission
LB622 Wishart General File Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act
LB623 Wishart Referral Change and eliminate provisions and penalties relating to assault on an officer, certain employees, or a health care professional
LB624 Wishart Passed Provide procedure to withhold from the public law enforcement officers' residential addresses in county records
LB625 Larson Passed Change the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act
LB626 Larson Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Shared Community Solar Act
LB627 Larson Referral Provide for the operation of autonomous motor vehicles as prescribed
LB628 Larson General File Prohibit ordinances and resolutions prohibiting certain short-term rentals of residential property
LB629 Larson General File Exempt certain commercial driver's license holders from hazardous waste endorsement requirements
LB630 Larson Referral Adopt the Independent Public Schools Act
LB631 Larson Referral Change the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act and authorize methods of payment for participation in certain gaming activities as prescribed
LB632 Larson Select File Change provisions relating to the Nebraska Liquor Control Act and name the Music Licensing Agency Act
LB633 Kolowski Referral Authorize school districts to levy a tax and exceed budget authority for school security measures and student technology
LB634 Wayne General File Include virtual school students in the state aid to schools formula
LB635 Bostelman Referral Change certain violations and penalties under the Game Law
LB636 Bostelman Referral Prohibit interference with hunting, trapping, or fishing by intimidation using a telephone or other communication device
LB637 Bostelman Referral Prohibit disclosure of information relating to firearm owners and concealed carry permitholders
LB638 Bostelman Referral Provide enhanced criminal penalties based upon a person's employment as prescribed
LB639 Bostelman Passed Change when a preference is required for certain government employment relating to servicemembers and their spouses and veterans
LB640 Groene General File Change provisions of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief
LB641 Morfeld Passed Create a Bioscience Innovation Program and the Nebraska Economic Development Task Force
LB642 Krist Withdrawn Delay prescription drug monitoring requirements for veterinarians
LB643 Krist Referral Change automobile liability insurance and financial responsibility requirements
LB644 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Passed Provide, change, and eliminate provisions governing boards, commissions, and similar entities
LB645 Pansing Brooks Passed Add dyslexia for purposes of special education
LB646 Pansing Brooks Referral Provide for an extreme weather preparedness task force and strategic action plan
LB647 Pansing Brooks Passed Change judges' salaries
LB648 Pansing Brooks Referral Create the New Machine Age Task Force
LB649 Pansing Brooks Referral Prohibit additional services or populations under the medicaid managed care program
LB650 Linehan Referral Change provisions for teaching certificates
LB651 Linehan General File Adopt the Nebraska Reading Improvement Act
LB652 Kolowski Referral Authorize the display of the Honor and Remember Flag
LB653 Murante Referral Adopt the Redistricting Act
LB654 Murante Referral Provide jurisdiction under the Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices Act to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission for certain telephone calls and messages as prescribed
LB655 Murante General File Authorize state employees to volunteer at public schools and certain nonprofit organizations
LB656 Baker Referral Provide for claims against the state by persons wrongfully incarcerated
LB657 Wayne Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Retail Electricity Transparency Act
LB658 Wayne Referral Provide for expert witness appointment as prescribed in certain juvenile proceedings
LB659 Wayne Withdrawn Change and eliminate pipeline siting provisions and eminent domain provisions
LB660 Wayne Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Nebraska Retail Electricity Choice Act and remove a restriction on the sale or delivery of retail electricity by a private electric supplier
LB661 Kuehn General File Provide for confidentiality of information relating to performing a lethal injection
LB662 Linehan Referral Establish a grading system for schools and school districts
LB663 Kuehn Referral Require a copy of a lobbying contract for lobbyist registration as prescribed
LB664 Kuehn Referral Prohibit a political subdivision from using taxes or fees to employ a lobbyist
LB665 Kuehn Referral Require a statement of activity regarding certain lobbying activity
LB666 Lowe General File Change provisions relating to carrying a concealed weapon
LB667 Hilkemann Withdrawn Change and eliminate provisions on taxes and fees on horseracing
LR15CA Morfeld Referral Constitutional amendment prohibiting requiring a voter to present identification prior to voting
LR16CA Wayne General File Constitutional amendment to allow cities and villages to pledge taxes relating to a redevelopment project for up to twenty years if area is extremely blighted
LR17CA Wayne Referral Constitutional amendment to eliminate requirements that property taxes be levied by valuation uniformly and proportionately
LR18CA Larson General File Constitutional amendment to change the age for eligibility for public office