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LB821 Lautenbaugh Referral Provide a public benefits exemption for burial or cremation of an unclaimed body
LB822 Lautenbaugh Referral Change provisions relating to sexual assault of a child in the second and third degree
LB823 Lautenbaugh Referral Terminate metropolitan utilities districts on January 1, 2015
LB824 Lautenbaugh Referral Change workers' compensation temporary disability provisions
LB825 Lautenbaugh General File Require Open Meeting Act compliance by boards and subcommittees subject to the Nebraska Workforce Investment Act
LB826 McCoy Referral Provide for a study relating to education incentives for high-need occupations
LB827 Harms Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB828 Seiler Delivered to Governor Authorize court acceptance of certain criminal waivers and pleas
LB829 Schumacher General File Exempt separately stated postage charges from sales and use taxes
LB830 Christensen Referral Authorize special permits to certain vehicle dealers in adjacent states
LB831 Christensen Referral Provide a requirement relating to coverage of medical equipment and prohibit unreasonable delays relating to preapproval of coverage
LB832 Lautenbaugh Referral Change provisions relating to reductions in sentence, change good-time provisions, and provide for earned time
LB833 Dubas General File Change selection provisions for county surveyors
LB834 Avery Referral Change provisions relating to funding for school breakfast programs
LB835 Avery Referral Extend a pilot project relating to college entrance exams
LB836 Legislative Performance Audit Committee Delivered to Governor Provide and change provisions relating to legislative findings for tax incentive programs
LB837 Legislative Performance Audit Committee Referral Change a provision relating to preaudits by state agencies
LB838 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Change dates relating to certifications and distribution of state aid to schools
LB839 Janssen Referral Extend the effective period for a continuing lien for a garnishment in aid of execution
LB840 Haar Referral Require rules and regulations for mandatory water well permits in management areas
LB841 Hadley Referral Change sales and use tax provisions relating to all-terrain vehicles, utility-type vehicles, and distribution of revenue
LB842 Davis Referral Change provisions relating to allocations to the Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund
LB843 Johnson Referral Change provisions relating to membership on the Board of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
LB844 Schilz Delivered to Governor Extend the termination date of the Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Act
LB845 Schilz General File Provide for regulation of meteorological evaluation towers
LB846 Davis Referral To create the brand inspection service area for brand inspection fees and estray disposition
LB847 Hadley Referral Provide for fees for copies of motor vehicle accident reports
LB848 Harr Referral Provide financial assistance under the Nebraska Affordable Housing Act for the development and acquisition of low-income housing
LB849 Harr Referral Redefine automobile liability policy relating to the Motor Vehicle Registration Act
LB850 Watermeier General File Provide a homestead exemption for individuals with developmental disabilities
LB851 Hadley Delivered to Governor Change land bank, tax sales, liens and security interests, nonresident vehicle registration, ethanol facilities, Department of Revenue powers and duties, and taxation provisions
LB852 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to asbestos regulation
LB853 McGill Delivered to Governor Change and rename acts, a register, and an advisory committee relating to children and young adults and require case manager training as prescribed
LB854 Krist Delivered to Governor Prohibit issuance of a long-term care request for proposals before September 1, 2015
LB855 Wallman General File Change provisions for formation and operation of cemetery associations
LB856 Wallman Referral Require water well metering relating to hydraulic fracturing
LB857 Bloomfield Referral Change application provisions under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act regarding members of the armed forces to include spouses of such members
LB858 Howard Referral Provide requirements relating to pharmacists and health care services in health insurance
LB859 Krist Delivered to Governor Change provisions for onsite vaccinations at certain health care facilities
LB860 Nordquist Referral Adopt health insurance requirements relating to dollar limits, rescissions, preexisting conditions, and dependents
LB861 Karpisek General File Prohibit use and distribution of vapor products and other products derived from tobacco as prescribed and provide an exception and provide penalties
LB862 Lathrop Referral Change the amount recoverable under the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act
LB863 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to cemeteries and alcohol sales, prohibit sales to and use of vapor products and alternative nicotine products by minors, prohibit certain sales of tobacco products, and adopt by reference provisions of the National Electrical Code
LB864 Mello Referral Allocate funds to the Early Childhood Education Grant Program
LB865 Smith Referral Eliminate certain taxing authority of learning communities and change state aid calculations
LB866 Karpisek Referral Provide for appointment of two additional members to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB867 Hadley Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to distribution of, exemptions from, and review of taxes and tax information
LB868 Karpisek Referral Prohibit peace officers from using government-issued equipment for private employment
LB869 Gloor General File Change and transfer provisions on prescriptions and controlled substances
LB870 Bolz Referral Adopt the Public Debt Recovery Program Act
LR396 Johnson Congratulate the Wahoo High School softball team for winning the 2013 Class C state championship
LR397CA Lautenbaugh Referral Constitutional amendment to require public recording and preservation of votes of public officials
LR398 Johnson Congratulate Kristi Bundy for being named the 2014 Nebraska Teacher of the Year