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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB97 Lautenbaugh Passed Change provisions relating to foreign corporations, child enticement, child sexual assault, child pornography, incest, sex offenders, use of technology, and providers of transportation services, and adopt and change evidence rules regarding sexual conduct and admissibility of evidence
LB98 Carlson Passed Change noxious weed grant programs and the Riparian Vegetation Management Task Force
LB99 Carlson Passed Adopt the Anthrax Control Act
LB100 Carlson Passed Change Pesticide Act provisions
LB101 Carlson Passed Eliminate the Farm Mediation Act termination date
LB102 Adams Passed Provide a definition of high school graduate for postsecondary admission and financial aid purposes
LB103 Adams Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to postsecondary educational institutions' capital and facility expenditures
LB104 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Change annexation requirements for cities of the first class
LB105 Natural Resources Committee Passed Change provisions relating to fees, licenses, permits, funds, penalties, and damages under the Game Law and the State Boat Act
LB106 Harms Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the requirement that occupant protection system laws be enforced as a secondary action
LB107 Haar Indefinitely postponed Require an employer to provide an employee a reason for termination
LB108 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Exempt certain all-terrain vehicles from identification inspection requirements
LB109 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Authorize the operation of low-speed vehicles on highways
LB110 Fischer Passed Change motor vehicle registration fees and fee distribution and provide for specialty license plates
LB111 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to fines for speeding in a construction zone
LB112 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Exclude certain health education loan repayments from income taxation
LB113 Pankonin Passed Change Securities Act of Nebraska provisions
LB114 Louden Indefinitely postponed Provide for operation of minitrucks on highways without registration
LB115 Louden Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Nebraska Veterans Cemetery Advisory Board
LB116 Fischer Indefinitely postponed Authorize certain volunteer emergency responders to participate in the state health insurance program
LB117 Fischer Indefinitely postponed Authorize an income tax credit for certain retail business taxpayers
LB118 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change decedents' estates provisions relating to collection of personal property by affidavit and succession to real property by affidavit
LB119 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change inheritance tax provisions
LB120 Wightman Passed Change inheritance tax provisions
LB121 Wightman Passed Provide for reassumption of property tax assessment functions by certain counties
LB122 Coash Passed Change terminology for the central register of child protection cases
LB123 Karpisek Passed Change the Uniform Controlled Substances Act to include Salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A
LB124 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Extend deadlines for transfers from the Job Training Cash Fund to the Cash Reserve Fund
LB125 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide for voter registration on election day
LB126 Avery Indefinitely postponed Require financial disclosure statements from constitutional officers and candidates
LB127 Avery Indefinitely postponed Exempt college textbooks and school expenses from sales tax as prescribed
LB128 Avery Indefinitely postponed Authorize the investment of public endowment funds by any city which is authorized by the Constitution of Nebraska to establish a charter
LB129 Dubas Passed Authorize actions and procedures for invalid financial transactions when registering a vehicle
LB130 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Create the Farm to School Program Task Force
LB131 Dubas Passed Change the boundary descriptions of Merrick and Polk counties
LB132 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change the Barber Act
LB133 Heidemann Passed Change location requirements for county postprimary conventions
LB134 Pankonin Indefinitely postponed Change natural resources districts eminent domain powers
LB135 Heidemann Passed Change an appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB136 Avery Indefinitely postponed Change provisions for eligibility for medical assistance
LB137 Avery Passed Redefine the term "campus" for purposes of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB138 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax credit for public school teachers
LB139 Avery Passed Rename the Commission on Mexican-Americans
LB140 Avery Indefinitely postponed Provide duties relating to investment of state funds in Sudan-related companies
LB141 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Brain Injury Act
LB142 Hansen Passed Change recorded brand provisions and a fee
LB143 Langemeier Withdrawn Adopt the Nebraska Shooting Range Protection Act
LB144 Avery Indefinitely postponed Allow accessibility to certain disciplinary records regarding police officers and school district personnel
LB145 Avery Indefinitely postponed Prohibit firearms at schools, colleges, and universities as prescribed
LB146 Howard Indefinitely postponed Provide for simulated pharmacies
LB147 Pirsch Passed Provide name-change court orders to update the central register of child protection cases and the central registry of sex offenders
LB148 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change penalties for motor vehicle homicide and motor vehicle homicide of an unborn child
LB149 Pankonin Indefinitely postponed Require insurance coverage for prosthetics as prescribed
LB150 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Repeal the Nebraska Prostitution Intervention and Treatment Act
LB151 Stuthman Passed Change exemptions relating to ephedrine-containing substances under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB152 Pahls Passed Change a provision relating to uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages
LB153 Lautenbaugh Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Tourism Liability Act
LB154 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Passed Eliminate certain boards, commissions, committees, councils, task forces, working groups, and related statutory provisions
LB155 Rogert Passed Adopt the Public Protection Act, change provisions relating to theft, criminal impersonation, forgery, and bad and no-account checks, and create the offenses of identity theft and identity fraud and an additional deceptive trade practice
LR1CA Friend Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendment to reduce the maximum number of legislative days in a regular legislative session
LR2 Heidemann Congratulate Roger R. Wehrbein for his selection by the Rotary Clubs of Nebraska as the Nebraskan of the Year and recognize for his service to his community and to the state
LR3 Fulton Congratulate the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Football team and head coach Bo Pelini for their achievements
LR4 Fulton Congratulate the University of Nebraska women's volleyball team and head coach John Cook for their achievements