Nebraska Revised Statute 85-505

Chapter 85


Nebraska National Guard; member; tuition; credit; limitation.

Any member of the Nebraska National Guard who enrolls in any state-supported university, college, or community college or any independent, not-for-profit, regionally accredited college or university in this state shall be entitled to a credit of seventy-five percent of the resident tuition charges of such school, except that any member who attends an independent, not-for-profit, regionally accredited college or university in this state shall receive a credit in an amount no higher than that person would receive if he or she attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Such entitlement shall be for a period of ten years from the date of the member's initial membership so long as the member maintains satisfactory performance with the guard and pursues his or her course of study in such institution in a manner which satisfies the normal requirements of the institution. If a member is unable to complete his or her course of study within the ten-year period due to deployment on federal or state active-duty status for not less than one hundred twenty days, the Adjutant General may extend the entitlement period for such member for a period equal to the period of such person's active-duty status, not to exceed a maximum of five years. During the extended entitlement period, the member shall be subject to all remaining conditions and limitations of the tuition assistance program prescribed in sections 85-505 to 85-508. The number of individuals granted tuition credit shall not exceed the number specified in section 85-505.01 during any fiscal year, and the amount of tuition credits granted shall not exceed nine hundred thousand dollars during any fiscal year. When determining to whom such tuition credit shall be awarded, priority shall be given to those individuals who have previously received tuition credits while a National Guard member, and the Nebraska National Guard shall apply those program qualifications and limitations consistent with efficient and effective program management as determined by the Adjutant General.