Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1509

Chapter 85


Board; members; expenses; insurance coverage.

(1) Members of a board shall not receive a per diem. The board may reimburse members for expenses incurred while carrying out their duties. Mileage expenses shall be computed at the rate provided in section 81-1176. Sections 81-1174, 81-1175, and 81-1177 shall serve as guidelines for the board when determining allowable expenses and reimbursement for such expenses.

(2) A board may permit its members to participate in any hospitalization, medical, surgical, accident, sickness, or term life insurance coverage offered to the employees of such community college area. A board member electing to participate in any such insurance coverage shall pay both the employee and the employer portions of the premium for such insurance coverage. A board which opts to permit its members to participate in insurance coverage pursuant to this subsection shall report quarterly at a meeting of the board a list of the board members who have elected to participate in such insurance coverage. The list shall be made available in the office of the board for review by the public upon request.