Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1176

Chapter 81


Mileage; rates; how computed; adjustments; application.

(1) If a trip or trips included in a request for payment or reimbursement filed under sections 81-1174 and 81-1175 are made by personal automobile or otherwise, only one mileage request shall be allowed for each mile actually and necessarily traveled in each calendar month by the most direct route regardless of the fact that one or more persons are transported in the same motor vehicle. Reimbursement on such requests shall be computed based on the rate established by the Department of Administrative Services. The department may establish different rates based on whether the personal automobile usage is at the convenience of the agency involved or at the convenience of the state officer or employee, as previously agreed upon by the officer or employee and the agency involved. Funds expended for parking may be requested in addition to mileage.

(2) The payment of mileage shall be limited to the actual cost of travel at the rates established in subsection (1) of this section or the cost of commercial transportation, whichever is less. Savings of productive time shall be taken into consideration when making the comparison. No additional rate of mileage shall be allowed to state inspectors or others who carry state equipment by motor vehicle regardless of the weight thereof.

(3) Any future adjustments made to the reimbursement rate provided in subsection (1) of this section shall be deemed to apply to all provisions of law which refer to this section for the computation of mileage.