Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1106

Chapter 84 Section 1106


Officers; alternates; appointment; qualifications.

As soon as possible after sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 shall go into effect or shall become applicable in his case, and in no event later than thirty days thereafter, each obligated officer shall appoint, by title or name, no fewer than three nor more than seven alternates to the powers and duties of his office, and shall specify the order of their succession; Provided, that if any such officer has more than seven deputies, such maximum limitation shall not apply in his case. The alternates, or some of them, may be selected from among the officer's deputies, but this need not be done unless, in a particular case, the deputy is entitled by law or charter to succeed to such powers and duties in event of the officer's absence or disability. In no instance shall any person be appointed or serve as alternate who would be ineligible legally to be elected or appointed to, or serve in, the office concerned; Provided, that no constitutional, statutory, or other legal provision prohibiting any official from holding another office during the term for which he has been elected or appointed shall apply to an alternate or acting officer. After making such appointments the officer shall review them periodically and shall make such revisions and additional appointments from time to time as may be necessary to insure that there are at all times at least three alternates who have qualified as provided in section 84-1108 and are able to act.


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