Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1105

Chapter 84


Sections; provisions, when invoked.

In any political subdivision in which it shall be deemed necessary and advisable that the provisions of sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 apply to the offices and officers therein, the governing body thereof is hereby authorized and empowered to declare, by resolve, that it is necessary to invoke the provisions of sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 within such subdivision. In such event, the provisions of sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 shall become effective in such subdivision, and shall apply to and be binding upon all offices and officers therein, from and after the thirtieth day following the passage and approval of such resolve. Any initiative or referendum process which, by virtue of the Constitution of Nebraska or laws of this state or the charter or other corporate articles of such subdivision, is applicable in such subdivision, likewise shall be applicable to the action above prescribed in this section; Provided, notwithstanding any provision of general law or charter to the contrary, when a resolve has been duly enacted by the governing body, as prescribed in this section, its subsequent reference to the electors of the subdivision shall not operate to suspend the effectiveness of such resolve, and it shall remain in force and effect unless and until it is duly disapproved by the electors.


  • Laws 1959, c. 457, § 5, p. 1518.