Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1116

Chapter 84


Officers; alternates; acting officer; acts; validity.

Nothing in sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 shall be construed as preventing or otherwise affecting the appointment or election, in the manner provided by law, of a successor to any office wherein a legal vacancy exists. But, after an attack, and so long thereafter as the authority of alternates to become or to continue to serve as acting officers continues to exist as provided in section 84-1112, whenever a qualified alternate has succeeded to the powers and duties of any office, and so long as he is serving as acting officer therein, no action of mandamus or quo warranto, or any legal proceedings of like nature, shall be brought or shall be entertained in the courts of this state, during the term for which the officer concerned was elected or appointed, against the official or government body responsible under general law for filling vacancies in said office, to compel the appointment of a successor.


  • Laws 1959, c. 457, § 16, p. 1522.