Nebraska Revised Statute 81-543

Chapter 81


State Fire Marshal; safety standards for transportation of gas and operation of pipeline facilities; adopt waiver of compliance; conditions.

(1) After June 12, 1969, and from time to time thereafter, and pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, the State Fire Marshal shall, by order, establish minimum safety standards for the transportation of gas and pipeline facilities. Such standards may apply to the design, installation, inspection, testing, construction, extension, operation, replacement and maintenance of pipeline facilities. Standards affecting the design, installation, construction, initial inspection, and initial testing shall not be applicable to pipeline facilities in existence on the date such standards are adopted. Such safety standards shall be practicable and designed to meet the need for pipeline safety. In prescribing such standards, the State Fire Marshal shall consider:

(a) Relevant available pipeline safety data;

(b) Whether such standards are appropriate for the particular type of pipeline transportation;

(c) The reasonableness of any proposed standards;

(d) The extent to which any such standards will contribute to public safety; and

(e) The existing standards established by the United States Secretary of Transportation pursuant to the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968 of the United States and the Interstate Commerce Act.

(2) Any standards prescribed under this section, and amendments thereto, shall become effective thirty days after the date of issuance of such standards unless the State Fire Marshal, for good cause recited, determines an earlier or later effective date is required as the result of the period reasonably necessary for compliance.

(3) The State Fire Marshal shall afford interested persons an opportunity to participate fully in the establishment of such safety standards through submission of written data, views, or arguments with opportunity to present oral testimony and argument.

(4) Whenever the State Fire Marshal shall find a particular facility to be hazardous to life or property he shall be empowered to require the person operating such facility to take such steps necessary to remove such hazards.

(5) Upon application by any person engaged in the transportation of gas or the operation of pipeline facilities, the State Fire Marshal may, after notice and opportunity for hearing and under such terms and conditions and to such extent as he deems appropriate, waive in whole or in part compliance with any standards established under sections 81-503, 81-505, 81-525, and 81-542 to 81-552, if he determines that a waiver of compliance with such standard is not inconsistent with gas pipeline safety. The State Fire Marshal shall state his reasons for any such waiver.


  • Laws 1969, c. 763, § 2, p. 2886.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.