Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1312

Chapter 81


Director of Personnel; administration; delegation of powers; exempted agency; coverage; agreement.

(1) The Director of Personnel may, for reasons of practical difficulties anticipated or experienced in the development of the state personnel service, in anticipation of practical problems during the transition to effective operation of the several technical aspects of the state personnel service by the staff of the personnel division by reason of existence of agency personnel offices which, in the judgment of the director, have adequate capability to undertake responsibilities for development of or administration of sections 81-1301 to 81-1316, or for the convenience of either the personnel division or the individual agencies of state government, or both, delegate responsibility for administration of any of the requirements of such sections to any department or agency. Such delegation shall be limited to the administration of such sections or of the policies, rules, and regulations promulgated under such sections as such provisions may affect the department or agency.

(2) The director may make such arrangements for the production, development, or maintenance of records and reports as may be necessary, relying for such arrangements on the facilities of other state agencies.

(3) Any position within any agency exempted from coverage by the Constitution of Nebraska or by sections 81-1301 to 81-1316 may be covered by the state personnel service through specific agreement between the exempted agency or the agency having responsibility for exempted positions and the personnel division.


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