Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1311

Chapter 81


Agency heads; management personnel; powers and duties.

Agency heads and other management personnel so designated by the agency head shall have the following authorities and responsibilities, consistent with rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the personnel division:

(1) Decisions concerning the mission of the agency;

(2) Decisions on how to maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations;

(3) Decisions on services to be rendered, operations to be performed, technology to be utilized, or matters to be budgeted;

(4) Decisions concerning the overall methods, processes, means, or personnel by which operations are to be conducted;

(5) Decisions concerning the processes and acts of hiring, directing, or supervising employees;

(6) Determining the performance evaluation rating of individual employees on at least an annual basis;

(7) Employee salary administration decisions;

(8) Assuring that position titles and job descriptions are accurate;

(9) Decisions concerning employee job assignments, employee work schedules, promotions of employees, transfers of employees, and discipline of employees including terminations;

(10) Decisions to reimburse the best qualified job applicants for travel, meals, and lodging expenses incurred in traveling to and from the prospective job site, except that no more than three applicants for any position may be reimbursed under this subdivision;

(11) Decisions to relieve employees from duties because of lack of work or funds or under conditions when the employer determines continued work would be inefficient or nonproductive including the contracting out for goods and services;

(12) Decisions concerning development and maintenance of any personnel records necessary for the operation of the agency;

(13) Decisions to confer with any or all of its employees in the process of developing policies; and

(14) Decisions to take any other action not otherwise specified in this section.


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