Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1101

Chapter 81


Department of Administrative Services; declaration of legislative purpose.

The purposes of sections 11-119, 81-106, 81-1101 to 81-1118, 81-1121, 81-1170.01, 81-1170.02, and 84-304 are to:

(1) Provide for the development and maintenance of a modern system of budgetary, inventory, and financial accounting;

(2) Provide for development and maintenance of such modern and economical methods and systems for record keeping, accounting, expenditure planning and control as may be possible through timely adoption of modern technological developments;

(3) Provide for centralized direction of services and service agencies;

(4) Assure the development and operation of organizational and procedural innovations as may be expected to provide acceptable internal control of the handling and processing of public funds; and

(5) Focus responsibility for execution of the financial policies of this state on the chief executive and provide assistants having the necessary technical skills for the achievement of that end.


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