Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1025

Chapter 81 Section 1025


Reports; contents; open to public inspection; exception.

(1) Each operator of a bureau fleet vehicle shall report the points between which the bureau fleet vehicle traveled each time used, the odometer readings at such points, the time of arrival and departure, the necessity and purpose for such travel, the license number of such vehicle, and the department to which such vehicle is assigned.

(2)(a) Each operator of a special-use vehicle as prescribed in section 81-1011 or a motor vehicle in which a state agency other than the bureau holds the title shall follow the policy and use the travel report form which shall be established by the director or designated head of the state agency owning such vehicle. The form shall include, but not be limited to, the name of the operator, the license number of the vehicle, the total daily mileage or total hours of daily operation, and any other information the director or designated head deems relevant.

(b) State agencies leasing or renting bureau fleet vehicles from the bureau pursuant to sections 81-1008.01 and 81-1010 shall be required to report bureau fleet vehicle usage pursuant to subsection (1) of this section on travel forms prescribed by the chief of the transportation services bureau.

(3) Such travel reports shall be transmitted at the end of each month by every operator to the director or designated head of the operator's state agency, and such reports, after review by the director or designated head of the agency, shall be retained by the agency except the travel reports on bureau fleet vehicles leased or rented from the bureau. The travel reports on bureau fleet vehicles leased or rented from the bureau shall be transmitted to the chief of the transportation services bureau on or before the seventh day of the month following such use of a bureau fleet vehicle.

(4) Such travel reports shall thereafter be open to public inspection for a period of two years, after which they may be destroyed, except that when public inspection of a particular record would be detrimental to the investigation of a criminal case, such particular record shall be withheld from public inspection upon written certificate to that effect by the head of the law enforcement agency concerned.

(5) For purposes of this section, state agency shall include an agency, department, board, bureau, or commission of the state except the transportation services bureau.


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