Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1011

Chapter 81 Section 1011


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 81-1008 to 81-1025:

(1) Bureau means the transportation services bureau of the Department of Administrative Services;

(2) Bureau fleet vehicle includes any state-owned vehicle and any passenger vehicle rented from a third-party fleet owner for use by a state employee for transportation in his or her official duties from one job location to another; and

(3)(a) State-owned vehicle means all passenger vehicles acquired primarily for the purpose of transporting state employees in their official duties from one job location to another.

(b) State-owned vehicle does not include special-use vehicles, such as buses, laundry trucks, mail trucks, airport security vehicles, or military trucks and cars; vehicles which are considered a duty station, such as vehicles used by the Nebraska State Patrol, the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, or conservation officers of the Game and Parks Commission; or those vehicles which, by nature of their usage, require the installation or carrying of special equipment which precludes the use of such vehicles for multiple agency transportation usage.