Nebraska Revised Statute 80-318

Chapter 80


Veterans' Homes Board; members; appointment; compensation; expenses.

For the purpose of determining continued eligibility of members to remain in one of the Nebraska veterans homes and for the purpose of recommending matters of policy, rules and regulations, administration, and maintenance pertaining to each of the Nebraska veterans homes, the Veterans' Homes Board is established. The board shall be composed of two members selected by each of the recognized veterans organizations in Nebraska identified in subdivision (1) of section 80-401.01, and the Director of Veterans' Affairs who shall serve as the permanent board secretary. Such members shall be selected in the manner and serve for such term as the veterans organization may prescribe. If a member selected by any such veterans organization is unavailable to attend a meeting of the board or unable to serve for any reason, the incumbent department commander of such organization may appoint some other member of his or her organization to serve on the board. The chairperson shall be selected from among the members of the board. No salary shall be paid to any member of the board, but expenses of the members of the board when attending regularly called meetings of that board shall be paid as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177 from the administrative funds of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.