Nebraska Revised Statute 80-319

Chapter 80


Veterans' Homes Board; duties; powers; meetings.

The Veterans' Homes Board shall meet at least quarterly and at other times at the request of either the chairperson or the secretary of the board at a site selected by the secretary after consultation with the chairperson. The board shall review all applications submitted for admission to the Nebraska veterans homes system and shall make all final determinations regarding admission, or continued admission, to one of the homes. The board may check periodically on members of the Nebraska veterans homes to determine whether or not their physical or financial status has so changed since admission that they should no longer be maintained there. The board has power to subpoena witnesses and take testimony under oath relative to the duties of the board. No specified amount, either as to income or accumulated reserve, shall be arbitrarily fixed for determining the eligibility of an applicant to membership or to continuing rights of membership, but each case shall be considered solely on its merits and the evidence presented. The department shall consult with the board prior to denying further residence to members the board finds should no longer be supported there.