Nebraska Revised Statute 8-3025

Chapter 8


Charter; suspend or revoke; grounds.

The director may suspend or revoke the charter of a digital asset depository if, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, the director determines that:

(1) The digital asset depository has failed or refused to comply with an order issued under section 8-1,136, 8-2504, or 8-2743;

(2) The application for a charter contained a materially false statement, misrepresentation, or omission; or

(3) An officer, a director, or an agent of the digital asset depository, in connection with an application for a charter, an examination, a report, or other document filed with the director, knowingly made a materially false statement, misrepresentation, or omission to the department, the director, or the duly authorized agent of the department or director.