Nebraska Revised Statute 79-810

Chapter 79 Section 810


Certificates or permits; issuance by Commissioner of Education; fee; disposition; contents of certificate or permit; endorsements; Certification Fund; Professional Practices Commission Fund; created; use; investment.

(1) Certificates and permits shall be issued by the commissioner upon application on forms prescribed and provided by him or her which shall include the applicant's social security number.

(2) Each certificate or permit issued by the commissioner shall indicate the area of authorization to teach, provide special services, or administer and any areas of endorsement for which the holder qualifies. During the term of any certificate or permit issued by the commissioner, additional endorsements may be made on the certificate or permit if the holder submits an application, meets the requirements for issuance of the additional endorsements, and pays a nonrefundable fee of forty dollars.

(3) The Certification Fund is created. Any fee received by the department under sections 79-806 to 79-815 shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the fund. The fund shall be used by the department in paying the costs of certifying educators pursuant to such sections and to carry out subsection (3) of section 79-808. For issuance of a certificate or permit valid in all schools, the nonrefundable fee shall be fifty-five dollars, except that thirteen dollars of the fifty-five-dollar fee shall be credited to the Professional Practices Commission Fund which is created for use by the department to pay for the provisions of sections 79-859 to 79-871, except that transfers may be made from the fund to the General Fund at the direction of the Legislature. For issuance of a certificate or permit valid only in nonpublic schools, the nonrefundable fee shall be forty dollars. Any money in the Certification Fund or the Professional Practices Commission Fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Capital Expansion Act, see section 72-1269.
  • Nebraska State Funds Investment Act, see section 72-1260.