Nebraska Revised Statute 79-809

Chapter 79


Teachers' entry-level certificates or permits; qualifications.

In addition to the requirements in section 79-808, the maximum which the board may require for the issuance of any entry-level certificate or permit shall be that the applicant (1) has a baccalaureate degree that qualifies for a certificate to teach, (2) has satisfactorily completed, within two years of the date of application, an approved program at a standard institution of higher education, (3) has satisfactorily demonstrated basic skills competency, (4) has special education training, (5) has earned college credit in an approved program, at a standard institution of higher education, for which endorsement is sought, and (6) has paid a nonrefundable fee to the department as provided in section 79-810.


  • A state agency which requires, as a minimum for certification of an individual, the maximum requirement permitted by statute does not violate the limiting terms of such statute. The state has a compelling interest in the quality and ability of those who are employed to teach its young people, and a requirement that such teacher possess an appropriate baccalaureate degree is neither arbitrary nor unreasonable and is a reliable indicator of the probability of success as a teacher. State ex rel. Douglas v. Faith Baptist Church of Louisville, 207 Neb. 802, 301 N.W.2d 571 (1981).