Nebraska Revised Statute 79-285

Chapter 79


Hearing; appeal to school board or board of education; procedure.

(1) The student or the student's parent or guardian may, within seven school days following receipt of the written notice of the determination of the superintendent under section 79-282, appeal the superintendent's determination to the school board or board of education by a written request which shall be filed with the secretary of the board or with the superintendent.

(2) A hearing shall be held before the school board or the board of education within a period of ten school days after it is requested, and such time for a hearing may be changed by mutual agreement of the student and superintendent, except that the hearing may be held before a committee of the school board or board of education of not less than three members. Such appeal shall be made on the record, except that new evidence may be admitted to avoid a substantial threat of unfairness and such new evidence shall be recorded as provided in section 79-280.


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