Nebraska Revised Statute 79-286

Chapter 79


Hearing; appeal; school board or board of education; powers and duties.

(1) After examining the record and taking new evidence pursuant to section 79-285, if any, the school board or board of education or the designated committee thereof may withdraw to deliberate privately upon such record and new evidence. Any such deliberation shall be held in the presence only of board members in attendance at the appeal proceeding but may be held in the presence of legal counsel who has not previously acted as the designee of the principal in presenting the school's case before the hearing examiner.

(2) If any questions arise during such deliberations which require additional evidence, the deliberating body may reopen the hearing to receive such evidence, subject to the right of all parties to be present.

(3) The board may alter the superintendent's disposition of the case if it finds the decision to be too severe but may not impose a more severe sanction.


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