Nebraska Revised Statute 79-282

Chapter 79


Hearing; hearing examiner; report; contents; review; final disposition; how determined.

(1) After a hearing requested under sections 79-268 and 79-269, a report shall be made by the hearing examiner of his or her findings and a recommendation of the action to be taken, which report shall explain, in terms of the needs of both the student and the school board, the reasons for the particular action recommended. Such recommendation may range from no action, through the entire field of counseling, to long-term suspension, expulsion, mandatory reassignment, or an alternative educational placement under section 79-266.

(2) A review shall be made of the hearing examiner's report by the superintendent, who may change, revoke, or impose the sanction recommended by the hearing examiner but shall not impose a sanction more severe than that recommended by the hearing examiner.

(3) The findings and recommendations of the hearing examiner, the determination by the superintendent, and any determination on appeal to the governing body, shall be made solely on the basis of the evidence presented at the hearing or, in addition, on any evidence presented on appeal.