Nebraska Revised Statute 77-377.01

Chapter 77


Delinquent tax collection; contract with collection agency; when authorized.

The Tax Commissioner may, for the purposes of collecting delinquent taxes due from a taxpayer and in addition to exercising those powers in section 77-27,107, contract with any collection agency licensed pursuant to the Collection Agency Act, within or without the state, for the collection of such delinquent taxes, including penalties and interest thereon. Such delinquent tax claims may be assigned to the collection agency, for the purpose of litigation in the agency's name and at the agency's expense, as a means of facilitating and expediting the collection process.

For purposes of this section, a delinquent tax claim shall be defined as a tax liability that is due and owing for a period longer than six months and for which the taxpayer has been mailed at least three notices requesting payment. At least one notice shall include a statement that the matter of such taxpayer's delinquency may be referred to a collection agency in the taxpayer's home state.

Cross References

  • Collection Agency Act, see section 45-601.