Nebraska Revised Statute 77-27,107

Chapter 77


Income tax; demand for payment; notice; collection.

When notice and demand for the payment of income tax is given to a taxpayer and it appears to the Tax Commissioner that it is not practicable to locate property of the taxpayer sufficient in amount to cover the amount of tax due, he or she shall send a copy of the notice provided for in the Uniform State Tax Lien Registration and Enforcement Act to the taxpayer at his or her last-known address together with a notice that such notice has been filed with the appropriate filing officer. Thereafter, the Tax Commissioner may authorize the institution of any action or proceeding to collect or enforce such claim in any place and by any procedure that a civil judgment of a court of record of this state could be collected or enforced. The Tax Commissioner may also in his or her discretion designate agents or retain counsel for the purpose of collecting any income taxes due under the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967. He or she may fix the compensation of such agents and counsel to be paid out of money appropriated or otherwise lawfully available for payment thereof and he or she may require of them bonds or other security for the faithful performance of their duties. The Tax Commissioner may enter into agreements with the tax departments of other states and the District of Columbia for the collection of income taxes from persons found in those jurisdictions who are delinquent in the payment of income taxes imposed under such act.


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Cross References

  • Uniform State Tax Lien Registration and Enforcement Act, see section 77-3901.