Nebraska Revised Statute 77-3105

Chapter 77


Certification administrator; certified list of volunteer members; duties; income tax credit.

(1) The certification administrator of the volunteer department shall file with the Department of Revenue a certified list of those volunteer members who have qualified as active emergency responders, active rescue squad members, or active volunteer firefighters for the immediately preceding calendar year of service no later than February 15. The certification administrator shall also send a copy of such certified list to the governing body of the county, city, village, or rural or suburban fire protection district. Such copy may be sent electronically or by mail.

(2) Each volunteer member on the list described in subsection (1) of this section shall receive a refundable credit against the income tax imposed by the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 in an amount equal to two hundred fifty dollars beginning with the second taxable year in which such volunteer member is included on such list. The volunteer member shall claim the credit by including a copy of the certification received under subsection (3) of section 77-3104 with the volunteer member's state income tax return.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, see section 77-2701.