Nebraska Revised Statute 77-27,161

Chapter 77


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 77-27,160 to 77-27,173, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Debt shall mean any liquidated amount due and owing any claimant which has accrued through assignment, contract, subrogation, court judgment, or operation of law, regardless of whether there is an outstanding judgment for such amount, and which is for the care, support, or maintenance of a child or for spousal support and shall include the costs of health services subject to section 77-27,163.01;

(2) Debtor shall mean any individual owing money to or having a delinquent account with any claimant which has not been satisfied by court order, set aside by court order, or discharged in bankruptcy;

(3) Claimant shall mean:

(a) The Department of Health and Human Services with respect to collection of a debt owed by a parent in a case involving a recipient of aid to dependent children in which rights to child, spousal, or medical support payments have been assigned to this state;

(b) An individual who is not eligible as a public assistance recipient and to whom a child, spousal, or medical support debt is owed; or

(c) Any person or entity entitled to receive child support, spousal support, or medical support as defined in section 43-1712.01 pursuant to an order issued by a court or agency of another state or jurisdiction, including an agency of another state or jurisdiction to which a person has assigned his or her right to receive such support. Such a claimant shall submit certification and documentation sufficient to satisfy the requirements of section 43-1730;

(4) Refund shall mean any Nebraska state income tax refund which the Department of Revenue determines to be due an individual taxpayer. In the case of a joint income tax return, it is presumed that each partner to the marriage submitting such return contributed one-half of the earnings upon which the refund is based. The presumption may be contested by the state, the delinquent taxpayer, and the innocent spouse by virtue of the hearing process prescribed in section 77-27,169;

(5) Spousal support shall have the same meaning as in section 43-1715; and

(6) State lottery prize shall mean any lottery prize in excess of five hundred dollars to be awarded to an individual pursuant to the State Lottery Act upon presentation of a winning lottery ticket to the Lottery Division of the Department of Revenue for redemption.


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Cross References

  • State Lottery Act, see section 9-801.